Hyper event team is the only Dutch J-fashion event team. We are the creator of events like Osharecon, Shibuya party, J-Fashion meeting and lots more fun!

We host our own events and well as assist other events with creating an amazing experience fan of Japanese pop culture.

HYPER was formally established in 2009 as the oldest gyaru-sa in the Netherlands. We were the first circle to organize meet-ups and activities in the Netherlands, and soon after even outside of the Netherlands! 

The goal was to spread Gal power and to get everyone who loves Gyaru together! That is why we have decided to become an Ive-sa, or a so called ‘Event Circle’. We have always wanted to organize as many meet-ups and other side activities as possible, and will continue to do so! We we’re at the base of the Dutch Gyaru community and we strive to get as many girls (and guys!) into the style as we can.

Today we host events for all J-fashion streams in all shapes and sizes.



Spice up your event with various workshops

One of the most enjoyable thing of conventions and events is doing and experiencing something that you really love and usually don’t do on a daily basis. We offer a variety of creative workshops to keep visitors entertained and hopefully, walk away with a great new skill



Entertain and educate your visitors with interactive lectures and fashion shows

With members seasoned in different fashion styles, cosplay and lifestyle subjects, we offer a wide range of lectures perfectly fit for your audience. We love to spread the knowledge and promote Japanese pop culture whenever and where ever we can.



Work together and host and event or let us help you

From conventions to meetings and parties, HYPER does it all! We have in-house expertise we need to assist or host successful event with or for you! Contact us for further details we are always willing to help were we can!


Next too assisting other other events we also host our own! To keep up to date with our current and upcoming events, please follow us Facebook and or Twitter. Some of the events we host are:

Upcoming events
  • Animecon 10 – 12 june 2016 – The Hague (website)
  • Abunai 26 – 28 August – Veldhoven (website)
  • Shibuya Party: Halloween Edition TBA
Proud member of
HYPER mentioned on JP television show
AsianNL newspaper article on the first ever J-Fashion & Lifestyle convention in The Netherlands: Osharecon
Taff TV (DE) report on Osharecon 2015
Aniway article on the first ever J-Fashion and Lifestyle convention in The Netherlands: Osharecon

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For information about booking, collaborations or other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will respond to your inquiry within 72 hours. You can also find us on the following social media